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Available for Full or Half Day Charters

Can't make up your mind what to do and where to go for you big day on the water? Whether you want a full-on day of varied sites, snorkeling and activity or a more casual and relaxed time on the water Tropic Power Boat Rentals can match your style with just the right mix!

Choose from full or half day trips (any trips to the BVI are considered full days), with local or BVI destinations, snorkeling, sightseeing, bar hopping, beach combing, bird watching, casual fishing, or just cruising.

In creating your special day you'll want to consider several things: How much time you want to spend in the water? How long or short do you want the boat to be underway between stops? What are your main goals: Sightseeing? Water activities? Shopping? Barhopping? Susceptibility to seasickness? Remember that the islands seem really close but travel on the water takes longer than you think. We recommend not trying to squeeze all the hotspots into one day. If we do our job right you'll be eager to charter us again for other outings!

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